Seed Farm

The SAZ Seed Farm grows certified seed for distribution to farmers on the SAZ Outgrowers scheme as well as for general sale through seed distributers.

For information on what seed is available please contact

+260977377808 or +260977445403

The farm works in cooperation with the Department of Agriculture to ensure the correct type and quality of seed is produced.

New varieties of drought resistant soya, groundnuts, beans and maize, are continually being developed. 

Although some legumes are more difficult to grow, the financial rewards can be higher than maize with less depletion in soil nutrients. Such diversification also reduces the risk of disease and drought.

Legumes also have higher nutritional value which improves the family diet, especially benefiting the health and wellbeing of children.

We continue to explore the options to mitigate against climate change including irrigation and drought resistant seed. 

We are grateful for help from the University of Zambia, the Zamia Agricultural Research Institute, and other Voluntary support organisations.

Developing new types of ground resistant seed is essential for securing the future of Small Holder Farming.