Outgrowers’ Scheme

Supporting 250 farmers in Chipata North in the Eastern Province of Zambia by providing seed, fertiliser, training, marketing and other resources. 

In 2019/20 SAZ supported 200 farmers in the Eastern Province by providing seed, training, chemicals, scales, bags, storage facilities, as well as buying back their produce at fair market rates. The key input to the success of the programme is quality seed produced by our seed farm.

In keeping with Government guidelines we encourage farmers to grow legumes as cash crops and reduce the dependency on maize.

The programme has resulted in measurable improvements in household incomes. This is due to improved farming methods, more drought resistant seed, the use of draft ploughing, and the provision of marketing through SAZ agents.

SAZ plans to expand the programme in 2020/21 season to add another 100 farmers. The projected yield in 2020/21 is projected to be 50% that of 2019/20. 

In 2019/20 an additional 24 pair of oxen and oxcarts were allocate to farmers with more that 10 acres of uncultivated land. This increased farming capacity which resulted in significant improvements in household earnings. 

The Outgrowers scheme is a project that doesn’t have an end date. Because the SAZ is a not-for-profit company all earnings are reinvested in the programme which means the revolving fund will continue to grow as the scheme develops.

We are committed to alleviating poverty in rural regions through economic growth The principle of FAIRShare is embedded in all that we do. 

If you would like to support the programme then you can make a specific donation via the donate button on our home page.

If you are an organisation interested in knowing more about the programme please get in touch via the email or phone numbers listed in the contact page.