Farming News

The 2021 season has exceeded expectations with most farmers earning more that they have done in previous years. This was mainly due to good rainfall, good seed and good husbandry. Most seed and grain have been sold and we are now preparing for the 2022 season.

The new season will see an increase in 50 farmers bringing the total to around 500. Seed has been distributed and farmers have begun preparing their fields. 

A new early maturing variety of groundnuts are being introduced, as well as our first crop of newly developed maize seed.

A new 1000 ton storage shed has been approved. Building work will commence in November

As in previous years we are growing a mixture of seed and grain crops but with more emphasis on volume. The more acreage the farmers can cultivate then the more they can diversify and the less risk they have of losing their entire income. The additional land will mean a significant improvements in earnings, if, by Gods grace, the weather conditions are favourable.

The oxen have been a major contributor to land cultivation therefore we plan to introduce more for those farmers who need them. 

A survey will be published soon which will detail the impact of the SAZ farming programme in 2021. 

Seed has been given to farmers in Patauke. This is an new area which we intend to develop. The potential for expansion is almost unlimited – the limitation is storage and the cash to buy back the crops during the 8 weeks during the harvesting period.