Food Factory

At our factory in Makeni, Lusaka, a range of nutritious food using mainly quality grain that comes from the farms supported by SAZ . The factory also produces a Corn Soya Blend(CSB) for distribution to malnourished children. 

The Food Factory is a non-profit making division of SAZ. Profits are used to expand the facility as well as fund other charitable activities supported by SAZ.

The factory is a key part of the SAZ business, providing a market for the farmers, creating local employment, developing specialised skills, and adding value to the local economy.

Quality nutritional foods are produced at competitive prices.  Most products are fortified with vitamins to help improve the health and wellbeing of the undernourished. All produce, as well as working conditions, complies with  Zambian food standards.

We have introduced new brands of adult and children’s breakfast food which compete on price/quality with all major brands.  

We are proud to be a Zambian producer. We aim to be price competitive with most high-profile brands.

For information on price and delivery please call 00 260 97 7445403 or contact us at