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The Zambian economy continues to struggle. The decrease in the value of the Kwacha against the Dollar has seen inflation climb to over 13%. Basic food prices are now above what many can afford. 

China, Zambia’s largest creditor, has suspended Zambia’s debt repayments to avoid the country defaulting on interest payments which were due mid October.

The most recent figures for malnourished children makes Zambia one of the most malnourished countries in Africa

Unemployment, which was already at a high level has increase due to the covid-19  and the closure of many small businesses. Companies have also had to reduce staff due to new employment laws that increased employee benefits beyond what companies could afford. However, SAZ continues to recruit staff both for their factory and for their farming activities in the Eastern Province.

SAZ continues to look at ways to help Chief Mafuta and Chief Zamani have helped with the provision of land for the SAZ activities in the Eastern Province


Please pray that elections in 2021 will be fair and in the spirit of the Christian faith that has galvanised the values on the Zambia people for decades.