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Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on the lives of many Zambian people. Not because of the number of people infected by the virus but because of the economic effect on personal incomes during the imposed lockdown. We fully understand the Governments decision to impose the lockdown but the impact on businesses who cant afford to pay people who are not working, as well as the personal impact on sole traders who live hand to mouth, has been devastating.

The Covid-19 crisis has been compounded by floods in the Northern regions that have left may homeless, plus drought in some southern regions that has destroyed crops.

SAZ continues to help as much resources allow but we must not be diverted from our main mission. The scale of poverty and hardships in Zambia will not be resolved by humanitarian aid, it can only be resolved by an economic stimulus that drives productivity and provides worthwhile jobs for those who are not in formal employment.  

Pray that the farming activities will expand and many more rural families will benefit

Pray that the factory will be a source of income that can be used to support other charitable activities as well as providing skilled jobs for the unemployed

Pray that all of us in SAZ will forever be moved by compassion and a desire to meet the spiritual and material needs of others.