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The Zambian currency continues to strengthened against the US Dollar. Whilst this makes imports cheaper it damages local producers It also affects NGOs when foreign aid is converted into local currency. 

Unemployment remains high and food prices continue to rise making some of the more nutritious foods unaffordable for those on low incomes. 

Climate change is also a lasting concern with temperatures reaching record highs and flooding becoming more frequent during the rain season. 

As for the SAZ business, the Government is encouraging SMEs to expand. They believe the growth of SME’s in the food supply chain  will allow the economy to expand and improve Zambia’s food resource. 

The progress of SAZ in 2022 has been encouraging with advances in farming, seed production, new factory products and an increase in our support for community projects. 

We are also pleased to have been able to increased the number of staff and provide more opportunities for the less privileged.