Orphan News

Coping with orphaned children

Thanks to all the new sponsors who signed up in recent months. We now have over 200 children on the programme.

A 2019 Impact Report is posted on the web in January.

The Covid-19 lockdown halted the programme for 3 months must visitation recommenced on the 15th of June.

Many of the families who care for the children are single mothers or grandmothers who have been hard hit by the recent pandemic. Many rely on street trading to earn an income. Friends and fellow Christians help out but these are tough times.

In the past SAZ has helped out with basic food rations and are considering  options for doing this in a more sustainable way in future. Presently the factory doesn’t have the capacity to produce the volumes needed and the cost and availability of nutritious food makes procuring food from external sources unviable.   More on this later.